Internal Regulation

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The members of the General Council have drawn up the following Internal Regulations for the UIP.

Article 1
Activities of the UIP:

The activities of the UIP are essentially lectures, events, publications and congresses throughout the world.

Article 2
Payment dates for membership fees.

Membership fees are due on the 1st of March of the year to which they refer, and, for new members, on the day on which they are approved in proportion to the time remaining in the fiscal year. The UIP will unconditionally keep funds derived from membership fees and any member who ceases to be a member cannot claim any share in the Union’s assets.


Article 3
Resignation or exclusion of a member

A member’s resignation must be sent to the President of the UIP by recorded delivery with advice of delivery. Any resigning member loses its capacity as a member of the UIP immediately. A member will be either struck off or suspended for failure to pay its membership fees, or for a serious reason. The party concerned must previously be asked to give full explanations and, if requested, the decision to strike off will be submitted for consideration by the General Council whose decision is final. The heirs or the beneficiaries of a member of the Union who is a physical person, cannot claim any right whatsoever in the UIP.

Article 4

The General Secretary will announce the list of offices to be filled, stating if the outgoing member is standing again, at least 6 months before the General Council Meeting during which the elections will take place. All applications must be received at least 4 months before the General Council Meeting and addressed to the President of the UIP with a copy to the General Secretary.

Article 5
Powers of the General Council

The General Council can, in particular, appoint and dismiss any employees, determine their remuneration, take out leases on the premises required for the Union’s needs, carry out all repairs, buy or sell any securities or stocks and shares, any chattels or furnishings, and use the funds of the UIP.

Article 6
Meetings of the General Council

Notices are sent at least 30 days in advance by individual letter with the agenda of the meeting. This agenda is drawn up by the General Secretary and the President with the approval of the Executive Committee. Only the proposals sent at least 2 months before the meeting, with the signature of at least 2 other members of the General Council, can be included in the agenda. The place where the meeting will be held will be stated by the General Secretary in the notice of the meeting.

Article 7
Members of Honor The Members of Honour are:


Article 8
International day of varicose diseases
The 26th of September of each year is elected “the international day of varicose diseases”. Internal regulation revised and approved: Sydney, Sep 1998; Rome, Sep 2001; Rio de Janeiro Oct 2005, Boston, September 2013, Seoul, August 2015